Triesta Gray Marble

Triesta Marble is a type of Egyptian marble that is extracted from the Sinai Peninsula. It is known as Sinai Pearl or Trieste and is found in nature in beige and gray. Egyptian marble, especially Triesta Marble, is characterized by a mixture of patterns and colors, which gives it a luxurious and attractive appearance.

Features of Triesta Marble

  • Durability: Egyptian marble is a durable natural stone, so it can withstand repeated use and is not affected by scratches or damage.
  • The beauty of form: Egyptian marble is distinguished by its beautiful natural colors and drawings, which makes it an elegant addition to any place.
  • Ease of cleaning: Egyptian marble is easy to clean and can be cleaned using soap and water or special detergents for natural stones.
  • Heat and humidity resistance: Egyptian marble is resistant to heat and humidity, making it suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Versatility: Egyptian marble can be used for many purposes, such as floors, walls, stairs, and bathrooms.

Uses of Triesta Marble

  • Flooring: It is characterized by its durability, beautiful appearance, and resistance to heat and humidity.
  • Walls: It can be used to cover interior and exterior walls, adding an elegant and luxurious touch to the place.
  • Stairs: Egyptian marble is resistant to scratches and damage, making it an ideal choice for covering stairs.
  • Bathrooms: Egyptian marble can be used to cover bathroom floors and walls, adding an elegant and healthy touch to the place.
  • Decorations: Egyptian marble can be used in many decorations, such as dining tables, consoles, and side tables.


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