Manufacturing​ Process

  • Extraction: The process begins with quarrying, where blocks of marble or granite are extracted from quarries using heavy equipment such as excavators and trucks. Large, high-quality blocks suitable for intended use are selected.

  • Transportation of Blocks: After extraction, blocks are transported to processing facilities using specialized transport equipment like cranes and trucks.

  • Primary Cutting: At this stage, blocks are cut into smaller sizes and shapes using specialized cutting machinery. Cutting methods may include wire saw cutting or diamond circular saw cutting.

  • Surface Finishing: Once blocks are cut to size, the surfaces are finished using specialized equipment. Finishes can range from smooth polished surfaces to textured finishes like “Rock face,” depending on the intended use of the stone.

  • Fabrication and Custom Shaping: In some cases, stones are further cut and shaped precisely to fit specific designs or to assemble larger pieces. This is done using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines for precision cutting and shaping.

  • Installation: Manufactured pieces are installed at the final site, whether it’s in indoor or outdoor settings. This process involves precise installation techniques and the use of specialized adhesives.

  • Maintenance and Care: Marble and granite require regular maintenance to preserve their appearance and quality over time. This includes periodic cleaning and, if necessary, re-polishing.



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