Loading Process

  • Packaging and Protection: Before loading, marble and granite pieces are often carefully packaged to protect them during transportation. This may involve wrapping in protective materials such as foam, bubble wrap, or cardboard to prevent scratches or damage.

  • Handling Equipment: Loading requires the use of appropriate handling equipment such as forklifts, cranes, or pallet jacks depending on the size and weight of the pieces being transported. These equipment ensure safe handling and placement onto transport vehicles.

  • Loading onto Transport Vehicles: Once packaged and ready, the marble and granite pieces are loaded onto transport vehicles. This could include trucks, flatbed trailers, or shipping containers depending on the distance and mode of transportation (road, rail, or sea).

  • Securing the Load: It’s crucial to secure the load properly to prevent shifting or damage during transit. This may involve using straps, chains, or braces to hold the pieces securely in place.

  • Documentation and Inspection: Documentation including packing lists, invoices, and transport permits is prepared and checked to ensure accuracy. Inspection of the loaded items may also be conducted to verify that everything is loaded correctly and securely.

  • Transportation: After loading is complete and all necessary checks are done, the transport vehicles depart for their destination. During transportation, monitoring of the load’s condition may continue to ensure it arrives safely.



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