About Us
Who we are?

Al-Omaraa story is one of persistence and dedication, it is the story of an Egyptian marble company known for the superior quality of its marble. The care in the production and distribution of the most precious and high-quality materials, now combined with the reliability and know-how of a staff with experience since 2011 and ready to meet the requirements of the customer, make Al-Omaraa a solid reference point and one of the most important Egyptian marble companies. From the passion for precious materials emerges excellence in their use: Al-Omaraa helped put up hotels, buildings, private villas and public buildings, always ensuring the successful fulfillment of every indoor and outdoor project. Thanks to the care of a great team of experienced, dynamic, and skilled professionals, constantly striving towards greatness by adapting to the expanding international market and its requirements. That is the soul of Al-Omaraa, one of the best Egyptian marble companies.