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14 Years Of Undefeated Success

Al-Omaraa story is one of persistence and dedication, it is the story of an Egyptian marble company known for the superior quality of its marble. The care in the production and distribution of the most precious and high-quality materials, now combined with the reliability and know-how of a staff with experience since 2011 and ready to meet the requirements of the customer, make Al-Omaraa a solid reference point and one of the most important Egyptian marble companies. From the passion for precious materials emerges excellence in their use: Al-Omaraa helped put up hotels, buildings, private villas and public buildings, always ensuring the successful fulfillment of every indoor and


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Who are we?

Welcome to Al-Omaraa , your trusted marble supplier in importing and exporting Marble and Granite. With years of experience, we understand the unique and timeless beauty of Marble and Granite stones, making them one of the most distinct building materials available.

At Al-Omaraa, as a Marble supplier, we revolve around three key pillars: manufacturing, transportation, and shipping. We are committed to ensuring the timely delivery of your orders, prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to our customers at competitive prices.


Only a large organization with the capability of mobilizing large. resources can successfully complete large architectural projects. As the result of the extended experience in large-scale projects. Al-Omaraa has the Projects Department whose mission is to promote company materials in major projects worldwide. This highly specialized team formed by top professionals, also researchers’ construction systems applicable to all range of products. We work with architects and engineers in the application of our materials on coverings, pavements, ventilated facades and any other technical solution, working together to make any project become achievable.

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Al-Omaraa Company, as a Marble supplier, invested in the most skilled laborers and the latest machines to ensure the quality of our products.


Al-Omaraa Company, as a Marble supplier, strives to use the latest technologies in quarrying. To ensure that the stones are perfect.


Al-Omaraa Company, as a Marble supplier, has been working under the motto of commitment to packing and shipping with the experts helping.


Al-Omaraa Company is a professional Marble Supplier for residential or commercial projects with the highest quality of Egyptian Marble and Granite Stones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, both marble and granite can be used outdoors depending on the specific type and finish. Granite is generally more suitable due to its durability and resistance to weathering. Proper sealing and maintenance are essential for outdoor use to protect against weathering and staining.

Both marble and granite are natural materials, which means they are extracted from the Earth’s crust. The environmental impact varies depending on factors like extraction methods, transportation distances, and waste management practices. Some companies promote sustainable practices such as recycling water and minimizing waste during processing.

Marble and granite require different care routines. Marble should be sealed regularly to protect against stains, and acidic substances should be avoided to prevent etching. Granite is less prone to staining but should also be sealed periodically. Both should be cleaned with pH-neutral cleaners and soft cloths to avoid scratching.


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We are dedicated to maintaining the health and safety of individuals within the marble industry, implementing rigorous standards and protocols

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We follow best practices in the marble industry.



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